Via Snella SS10

Remember the old days when we used to cross the small countryside path barefoot under the gloomy moon. It was summer, we were young and wanted to hang out in the city. Remember that eternal nonchalant summer when apartment studio parties were replaced by climbing ceremonies and swims across the lake. I was sporty, yet elegant and naïve. You were playing the neon-tiled dance floor on the meadow. We had brought suitcases with chic démodé garments from the city and donned them in the woods. We hated poppy nylon sweaters and boring surf-uniforms. Ours were looks, real looks. Sweat, waves, sand and heat were not a problem. Fashion was not a problem.

For spring-summer 2010 Via Snella proposes an alternative choice to the modern über-vulgar men’s sportswear. With a penchant for tiny details that calibrate functionality, minimalist dandyism and a diachronic marine cotton-wear touch, Via Snella ss-10 recovers the sophisticated relaxedness sports clothes used to have back in the twenties and the thirties. Warm-proof sweatshirts with reinforcements, materials resilient to heat and water, hidden textures celebrating nature and its winds, waves and raindrops, all clad in layers of an immaculate sustainable fashion. Summer is here!
Photographer: David Magnusson
Models: Anton S/Kid of Tomorrow and Carl M/Kid of Tomorrow
Words: Natasha Christia

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