Oyyo dhurries



Labyrinth Campaign




The first collection by Oyyo consists of six original dhurries handwoven by a community of craftspeople near India’s Blue City, Jodhpur. Uniquely made from 100% organic cotton and vivid vegetable dyes derived from local plants. They are woven with techniques dating back centuries, devoid of machines, but with a contemporary design and colour pallet.

Their carefully selected colours and exquisite patterns draw inspiration from a rich variety of sources such as the Nordic textile arts and crafts heritage, the Bauhaus movement, and the holistic vision and playfulness of the homes of Salvador Dali, Ray and Charles Eames, and Geoffrey Bawa. With it’s muted tones, colour harmony and depth of motifs, this intricate collection honours in particular the creations of textile masters Märta Måås Fjätterström and Gunta Stöltz, that stood out in their time for their innovative design and enthralling beauty.

Shot in the Manvar desert, outside Jodhpur, India.

Photographer: David Magnusson
Set design: Lina Zedig and Marcus Åhrén

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